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Rosalind D. Mitchell, MD

Dr. Rosalind Mitchell has a warm and engaging manner that immediately puts one at ease.  Her ability to recognize the beauty clients currently have, while discussing concerns and  goals they want to achieve,  gives patients the trust and confidence to make physical changes. Her critical eye and meticulous attention to aesthetic detail ensures that every patient can achieve their goals.  Her keen sense of physical symmetry allows her to recommend treatment plans patients may not have considered in order to restore their youthful character.







Laser rejuvenation and body contouring are specialties that Dr. Mitchell has benefited from training with leading national educators.   Dr. Kevin Johnson, the founder and owner of Advanced Aesthetics in Coeur d’Alene Idaho, ,  has provided mentorship and expertise for  Dr. .Mitchell’s  laser assisted body sculpting education.  As a member of the American Society for Laser Medicine & Surgery, Inc and the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, she stays aware of advances in laser skin care and has early exposure to advances in her field.


She is deeply aware of the fact that a person’s self-image profoundly affects every aspect of their life. As a physician in a small community who treats patients in public office and highly visible positions, she understands the meaning of discretion.  


Complementary consultations and customized programs are her practice strong points.  Dr. Mitchell is eager to meet you to begin working together.