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Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)


It is well known that the aging process results in lower digestive enzyme efficiency and failing hormonal vigor. This is the basis of menopause in women and the less appreciated but no less profound process of andropause in men.


We see noticeable declines start between age 47 and 52 in women and about 55 to 60 in men. But you may see changes even sooner with profound effects on mood, thinking, performance, motivation, decision-making and sexual fulfillment.


Our goal at Sanctuary is to restore these waning levels to more nearly approximate the levels and more youthful ratios to achieve the balance you experienced in your mid-thirties.


This is how we can offer you the Super-Hormone Rejuvenation promise:

• More youthful vigor

• Optimum energy levels

• Rejuvenated skin appearance and elasticity

• Enhanced libido and sexual performance.


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Why Natural or Bioidentical Hormones?


In saying Natural, we mean that the hormones prescribed and used in our practice are identical to the native sex steroids that your body produces. Thus, the newer term, bioidentical hormones. These are not foreign. Although they may be synthesized in the lab they approximate the normal actions of your own internal hormonal levels.


Women may be used to Premarin, which, incidentally, is an acronym for Pregnant Mares Urine — pregnant horse urine. Not very appealing is it?


And the second most commonly prescribed drug is Provera: MedroxyProgesterone Acetate. Full of well known and undesirable side effects, it is a progestin, not a true bioidentical progesterone.  


We use a compounded form of two plant-based, bioidentical estrogens (called BiEst) that your body is lacking: Estradiol (E2) and Estriol (E3).  We then balance that off with Natural Bioidentical Progesterone.  The balance and dosing is critical -- and all too frequently overlooked in conventional medicine. We have partnered with Compounding Pharmacies with expertise in the creation of these products.


Men also have special needs. Men need, and are prescribed, DHEA for its cardioprotective, anti-aging and cancer protective effects. We suggest various forms of testosterone replacement frequently for it strengthening and revitalizing effects.  Testosterone creme or gel, in safe doses, is being widely recognized for an increasing list of medical conditions including the "dwindling" effects of the andropausal state.  This is being popularized as "the testosterone syndrome."


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Solution: Balanced Therapy


The natural bioidentical hormonal replacement therapy (NHRT or BHRT) program here at Sanctuary is based on the notion that none of these individual hormones exist in isolation. Rejuvenation involves the carefully balanced replacement of multiple hormone levels.


Our real expertise is providing a total replacement program based on sophisticated free  and total (protein bound) blood steroid hormone levels that allow us to accurately see the total cascade from cholesterol to Progesterone, DHEA, cortisol, three estrogens and testosterone. When combined with thyroid, glucose, insulin and growth hormone measurements, we can derive a comprehensive picture of your present imbalance.


This may require a few months, but the results are really quite amazing. You will feel better, have more energy and virtually without any of the side effects of the more proprietary and "standard" hormones.


It's Your Choice!