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Laser Skin Treatments

The use of lasers to correct issues with the skin is well established.  Lasers are used in skin resurfacing, pigmentation correction, and skin tightening.  The principle is the same in each case.  Using carefully focused light frequencies the laser targets specific features within the skin and stimulates them.


Pixel Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing

Pixel Perfect™, the fractional rejuvenation procedure performed exclusively by Pixel® laser technology from Alma Lasers®, lifts away years from your face and stimulates new collagen to grow. It improves your skin's texture and tone to fight fine lines, wrinkles, and even acne scars.


Fractional laser treatments show dramatic results


You'll see dramatic improvement in the tone and texture of your skin.

Many patients choose Pixel Perfect because it:

* Clears sun-damaged skin

* Smoothes fine lines and wrinkles

* Shrinks the appearance of pores

* Fills in acne scars

* Blends uneven pigmentation


Pixel™ resurfacing is safe and comfortable


Pixel Perfect treatments are safe and effective, without injections or surgery. You can expect your skin to be flushed and red after the treatment-something similar to a sunburn. Your doctor may also prescribe an over-the-counter pain medicine to make you more comfortable. These symptoms are a normal part of the healing process and should improve quickly.


To learn more about How Pixel Works, to see Before and After Pictures or the see Testimonials and FAQ click one of these links.




Intense Pulsed LIght (IPL) Laser Skin Treatment

Sanctuary specializes in Laser Photorejuvenation using Intense Pulse Light (IPL). IPL restores a visibly fresh and youthful vigor to sun-damaged, dull looking skin at any age.


The main advantage of IPL over traditional cosmetic procedures is its ability to deliver smoother, younger-looking skin immediately and much more comfortably, with little down time.


Consider the Remarkable Benefits:

Tightens the skin.

Shrinks pores.

Reverses sun damage & rough skin.

Disappearance of red lines & spots.

Marked decrease in fine lines/wrinkles, especially around eyes and lips.

Fading of brown spots and/or freckles.

Refinement & smoothing of skin texture.

Decrease in overall Skin redness from sun damage or Rosacea.

Calms symptoms of Rosacea.

Improvement of shallow Acne scars & accompanying discoloration.

Permanent reduction of dark facial hair.

Decreases and slows growth of fine, light facial hair.

Treatment Advantages:


IPL treatments are also effective for sensitive, non-facial skin, such as the neck, chest or hands/arms, where laser resurfacing (and strong chemical peels) pose much greater risks of scarring. Since lasers produce only a single wave length of light, the body areas that they can effectively treat are limited.


IPL treatments are performed with many wavelengths at the same time, allowing the light to gently penetrate all levels of the skin where abnormal, easily dilated vessels are found. As a result, IPL serves as a less traumatic, gentle alternative to laser resurfacing, at about half the cost and no major down time.


How Many Treatments Will Be Needed?


For optimal results, a series of five to seven full-face pulsed light treatments are given at three week intervals. Recommendations are based on the individuals desire for a certain level of skin rejuvenation and the condition of the skin at the time of the consultation.


Depending on the size of the area treated, light treatments last 30 to 60 minutes. More than five treatments may be recommended for severely sun-damaged skin or for severe facial flushing.


IPL can also be performed in conjunction with Botox, collagen, and microdermabrasion. It is also appropriate to simply refresh and tone normal skin types.


Sanctuary has customized programs using Microdermabrasion and IPL.   Microdermabrasion is recommended between IPL treatments for all skin types. These peels remove layers of dead skin cells, so the light is much more effective at reaching target areas. Also, dead cell layers hold excess pigment, and destroyed cells or debris that pushes to the

surface. Thus, your complexion will look clearer and cleaner as IPL treatments progress, with better results.