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Caring for your body through good eating and exercise habits is not always enough.  SmartLipo now gives you an effective alternative, for those diet-and exercise-resistant areas, by destroying and permanently eliminating fat cells to help you achieve a trim, healthy-looking body.



Completely safe, effective & efficient method of fat removal

One of today’s most advanced body-sculpting technique

Designed to treat localized fat in targeted areas

Results are seen with only 1 treatment

Only local anesthesia is required – NO general anesthesia!

Little or no pain, swelling & bruising with treatments

Performed in the comfort of our luxury office setting

Minimally invasive & non-surgical – with excellent results!



Laser Liposuction is performed through several small incisions.  These are placed in the areas that you are considering contouring.  A map of fat removal is drawn with your specific targeted zones.


I do several special things during the liposuction procedure that gives me very good results.


First I am going to give you some medications to take to minimize your anxiety and allow you to rest during the procedure. Then, during the liposuction, I start by injecting a TUMESCENT solution to help minimize blood loss and provide numbness to the treatment area. You are awake and comfortable through the procedure.  After this solution is placed, using a small tube about the size of large spaghetti, I break up and melt the targeted fat.   This allows the fat to come out as a liquid, rather than solid.  I then, finally, remove the fat with a gentle suction through another small tube.  All of these techniques combined give you smooth results with minimal swelling, bruising, pain and downtime.


After the procedure, you will be able to return home.  In general, the amount of fat removal is limited in quantity.   This is still a fairly large amount for most people, and I can certainly tell you during your consultation about how much we will be able to remove.  This limit is for your safety, as the risk of complications increases significantly above this maximum amount



Most people feel minimal pain after the procedure and are usually back to work in a few days, and back to the gym in 2-4 weeks.  The first few weeks, you will tire easily and have sensitivity of the skin.  The bruising, if present, usually resolves in the first week or two.  Although you will see immediate results, the swelling will persist for 6 months or longer.  With liposuction, patience is a virtue, as your results will get better and better for up to one year.


It is also important to realize the difference between fat and cellulite. Cellulite is caused by abnormalities directly beneath the surface of the skin.  Liposuction is performed much deeper that the surface, so cellulite isn’t helped much by liposuction



Liposuction can rarely have complications, although these are very rare in my practice.  Seromas (fluid collection), hematoma (blood collection), infection, irregularities and dimpling can occasionally occur. Customized garments and close follow up are in place to prevent and monitor these conditions.  If they do, they are usually very easily treated.



Our fees are variable depending on the areas that you choose to do.  An “area” is defined as BOTH SIDES of one anatomic part of your body.  For example, both arms are ONE area; both hips are ONE area, and so on.  The following areas are common places for us to do liposuction: the neck/chin area, arms, male chest, bra roll, abdomen, flanks, hip, back, and  thighs.  I do not recommend having liposuction of your calves or forearms, due to the fact that there are too many nerves and blood vessels that can be damaged there.








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